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Happy New Year…..

Well I have decided to go for the Blog your year 365 style, my friend Claire has completed 2008 and her blog is fab so I am waiting for Anna Bowkis to show us what to do this year and until then I will continue to show you my cards, add pictures of my family and basically just be me…

I would like to wish everyone who visits my site regularly or just happens to stumble across it a very happy and prosperous new year and good health for the future. 

My first New Years Resolution……

I am determined to get to my goal weight this year which is under 11 stone. I am 5 foot 8inches tall so that’s a good weight for me, but having struggled with my weight my whole life I finally need to do it before I am 40 in May.  Here is a photo of my weight on the scales and a picture of me at my heaviest at 18 stone before I had my gastric band fitted. Lets see if I can do it this year…

New Years Day 13.13

New Years Day 13.13

and here is the really scary one….

The first picture was taken in October 2005 and the second picture in November 2008..


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