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How proud are we….

Connor has been given the lead role in the year 3 production of My Fair Lady…he will star as Proffesor Higgins and he has a lot to learn in the few short weeks until 10th February when the musical starts.  We have just ordered the DVD and plan to make good viewing of it in the coming weeks. I am ashamed to say I have not seen the film and have no idea who Higgins is !!!  I think a steep learning curve is gonna happen for me in the coming weeks ! 



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Our Beautiful Boy….

Our Beautiful Boy

Our Beautiful Boy

This picture was taken by Alex Holt ( thanks Alex – top picture) at my friend Dianne’s 50th Birthday party, Alex is one of Dianne and Phil’s two sons, the other being Matthew. I have yet to meet two nicer young men then Matthew and Alex and I hope that when Connor becomes a man he turns out as lovely as them.

Wow that was deep..Alex has a fabby camera and took some brilliant pics of Connor – this is just one of them.

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Well we took 10 young men to the Millstream Raceway Slot Car Track today in Ringwood for his birthday party.  They all had the best time and guess who won…..Connor of course, Tony says it’;s a fix but I like to think that he won because he was the best on the day rather than the slot people sucking up to the people going to pay the bill !


He has been well and truly spoilt for his birthday, but after the year he has had with his health, I think he deserves it.

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My first Page….


You may wonder why I called my blog” It could happen to anyone”. The reason for this is as those of you who know me will know, I am incredibly accident prone and I do happen to do the most stupid things which invariably leave me hurt, bruised, battered, plastered ( not in the alcoholic sense unfortunately ) or even worse still…with a broken nail !!

Tony (DH) just rolls his eyes when I tell him my tales of woe adn he quotes this one line

” Well it could Happen to Anyone” !!!!

This picture is of me and our son Connor taken at Stourhead in Wiltshire a couple of weeks ago. Oh how much do we love that boy XX

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