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Well yesterday we were finally made God Parents to beautiful Mia-ann Louise Errington. We had a wonderful day and felt so priviledged to be such an important part of her life. The weather was not what we would have hoped for, a bit drizzly and windy, but that didn’t stop us having a fab time. Everyone had a great day and the star of the show was on best behaviour as always.

I gave our reading and Tony lit the candles ( probably safer that way he reckons) and I hope we did Mia-ann and Sadie proud. Sadie is such a great mum and Mia-ann is soooo lucky to be growing up in such a kind, caring and compassionate family….she’s a lucky girl XXX


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The Naked Truth…..

Well me and Penny went to see this show at The Lighthouse last night. It was fabulous, all about a group of girls who meet at a Pole Dancing Class….Lots of laughs, Tears and outrageous costumes. It was great. My friend Ann bought tickets for us both to go and see it for my birthday, then she went and hurt her back ( poor thing ) so I had choose to take Penny (Sister) instead, We went to Franky and Bennys first and had Salad for main course and then because we felt so virtuous we went for it with Cinnamon Waffles, Vanilla Ice Cream and Sauce and it was heaven !!! ( we did drink diet coke so we figure that cancels out the calories right ! ) I did promise not to mention the White Chocolate thickly coated ice cream we had in the interval but as I am confessing my sins I may as well tell all !

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Lumin-Essence Rep…..

Well I am chuffed, I have been asked by Lisa and Darrin from Lumin-Essence in Poole to be there “Event Representitive” for this area. This means that I will be taking home parties, organising private shopping events in the shop in Poole and helping out with the big consumer shows as well. I am so looking forward to getting going, having my first party and enlightening those who have never had a Yankee Candle experience into the wonderful world of smell !

It seems odd that a few weeks ago I didn’t have a job and now I have three…I think I will have to re-negotiate on this whole 24 hours in a day deal !!

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